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Facebook Messenger Download -The new standalone Messenger app

facbook messenger downloadWhat began about a year ago as a rather simple way for people to send message to their friends on FaceBook has evolved since then to become a full-fledged texting and communication system. FaceBook Messenger can today be used to send pictures and send voice messages and all sorts of great stuff.Of course something this popular was just crying for an App and yes, there’s an App for that.The FaceBook Messenger App was released last fall (2012) and it’s already extremely popular.(No, there’s still not a FaceBook mobile phone. Yet.)No more will you need your computer to send and receive your real-time message with your friends and family on FaceBook because you can do it right from your mobile, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android (or even a Blackberry). You can send pics,communicate with small groups at the same time and privately share where you are using GPS technology.

facebook messenger download

When you communicate with another person who has the FaceBook Messenger App your messages are delivered using what are called ‘push’ notifications, something they must ‘opt-in’ for in order to receive. If you use it to connect with someone who’s on a computer (so old school) they are delivered via the usual SMS, or on FaceBook Chat and FaceBook Messages. The cool thing is that you can actually choose where to deliver your message, either to their FaceBook wall or to their phone.Once you download the new app and install it on your mobile of choice the FaceBook Messenger App will import all your FaceBook contacts into your phone so that, when you want to communicate with someone on FaceBook,all you have to do is click on their name like you were sending a regular text message. Very helpful, yes? One thing of note is that this is a standalone app and separate from the FaceBook App that many know and use. In fact, it’s the first time that a social media site has done that rather than incorporating a new app feature right into its existing app.

Finally, and most interestingly, you can actually make calls over a Wi-Fi network with the FaceBook Messenger App that don’t use your minutes or eat up any plan time. That has many people very interested in the new App and has boosted its popularity greatly. It may be the start of a new social media app trend and, as with everything FaceBook, it’s the talk of the town.

Starting Now and Download Facebook Messenger

  1. Messenger for Mobile: ( Available for Android, Blackberry and iPhone) Download here
  2. Messenger for Windows: Download here



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